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National Pie Day


First of all a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us to date, both before and during these difficult times, you are the main reason we are still here brewing and getting beer out the door. Thank you so much.

So, if you've bought beer from us online before you may have noticed our Shipping and Delivery Options have changed. You can find them all here on our 'DELIVERY' page ( deliberately not hidden, you can find them right next to our 'SHOP' page. In no uncertain terms they have increased for the majority of purchases, but also alot more detail is provided so you can hopefully make the right shipping/delivery decision before purchasing.

Obviously, the reliability on couriers has increased massively in the prevailing months, this has inevitably seen an increase in the cost from the smallest of parcels to larger/heavier 'next day' parcels alike (which the majoirty of our products are sent via). We have witnessed approximately a £2 (50%) increase in small parcel prices and a £2 (27%) increase in large/heavier 'next day' parcel prices.

Secondly, at the start of the pandemic we had set our free delivery threshold very low, a panic response most definately and in time we have realised this would be unsustainable in the long term. Correcting this has given us the biggest headache and hope the new £40 threshold isnt seen as a flippant hike. 

Also, to date we have not increased the price of any of our small pack products (we've actually reduced the price of our 12x330ml SUMA IPA cans) whilst many consumables associated with shipping have increased recently.

Finally, as the webshop has grown, along with our dependence on it to survive as a business, the complexity of the products on offer and the potential plethora of shipping rates we'd require is currently beyond the capability of us and our webshop host. As our understanding of the webshop and shipping improves we will improve the options available to you at the same rate.

We are constantly looking to improve our range of online products, the webshop itself and the whole shopping experience. We will constantly be reviewing all aspects of the webshop (prices, shipping/delivery, products, packaging and our host), whilst still offering great prices, regular discounts/offers.

Thank you for reading this far, it's not the sexiest side of brewing and we hope you understand the reasons behind the changes.


Danny McColl