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Crowded Pilsner Lager - Great Taste Award
Great Taste Award winner. A classic Pilsner using 100% malted barley and aromatic German hops. Cold matured for seven weeks and naturally carbonated to produce a crisp, well balanced and refreshing lager beer. A very light floral aroma and mild bready notes are perfectly balanced with a clean and refreshing bitterness and a touch of sweetness.
Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Lager, Chit, Munich), Hops (Hallertau Blanc, Celia), Yeast (Lager).
McColl's Brewery - Lowlands Hoppy Pale Bier
This hoppy pale bier is a hybrid that falls somewhere near an IPA yet sits comfortably next to a Belgian Saison. Very much a blend between traditional and contemporary styles.
A dry bier that has a light, wheaty base that is stupidly refreshing, dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Galaxy hops that offer notes of grapefruit, lemongrass, peach and tangy citrus.
Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Lager, Golden Promise, Vienna), Wheat (Malted, Flaked), Dextrose, Hops (Hallertau Blanc, Galaxy), Yeast (Farmhouse)
A modern classic hazy and hoppy IPA. This easy going session beer is juicy and smooth with a massive dry hop for that big fruity, citrus aroma we all love. Packed with the classic hop pairing of Citra and Azacca you’ll get a big hit of citrus and tropical fruit aromas, perfectly balanced with soft, mellow flavours. This session IPA totally hits the spot.
Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Golden Promise, Dextrin), Golden Naked Oats, Flaked Wheat, Hops (Citra BBC, Azacca, Citra Incognito), Yeast (Saturated).


Men's Pie Club
Let's eat pies and talk about men's mental health - This is our annual commitment to highlight the great work Men's Pie Club do to tackle social isolation and feelings of belonging in men. You can find out loads more information on them here.
Our commitment ~ 10p from every can and pint is donated to Men's Pie Club ~ we also run a Men's Pie Club from the brewery on alternative saturdays, where men can get togeather, make pies and talk about anything.
Coast is a single hopped Extra Pale Ale showcasing the totally lush Nelson Sauvin. Double dry hopped to let this unique and prized hop shine, simply kick back and enjoy it’s splendour. A light malt character gives way to white grape aromas, delicate gooseberry and floral notes of lychee and peach before a pronounced bitterness and a medium dry finish.
Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Golden Promise, Malted Wheat, Dextrin), Hops (Nelson Sauvin), Yeast (LAX).
McColl's Brewery - El Capitan - West COast IPA

This classic West Coast IPA brings a typically big hop aroma, sweet malt and a strong bitterness as imposing as El Cap itself. This bright amber ale is perfectly balanced with aromas of pine and citrus, resinous hops, a touch of tropical fruit and caramel malt notes. Followed by a bracing bitterness and a refreshingly long finish to set you up for another gulp.

Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Golden Promise, Crystal T50, Dextrin Malt), Wheat, Hops (Simcoe T90, Amarillo BBC, Centennial BBC, Cascade T90, Chinook Incognito), Yeast (Chico).

McColl's Brewery - Fest - Lager

A festival lager brewed to celebrate Oktoberfest that combines continental malted barley and classic noble German hops. The result is a darker, richer beer with more pronounced malt flavours.

This amber lager offers bready notes, sweetness and toasted malt character in abundance, with a mild hop aroma and a solid supporting bitterness.
Ingredients ~ Water, Malted Barley (Munich, Lager, Vienna, Carapils), Hops (Tettnanger, Mittelfruh), Yeast (Lager).