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We've had a bit of a spruce up

We are fast approaching our 3rd birthday so it was time for a little spruce up and a little bit of growing up to be fair. Although I (Danny) was happy with individual designs, the brewery never really had an identity. It was all a bit incoherent and bitty. So rather than making the beers up as we go along and the artwork as a last minute flurry of excitement, we took the time in late 2019, early 2020 to nail down what McColl’s Brewery is and what we want to do, specifically beers and styles. Now we have a style to call our own, in design and in our beers.

So what's the crack with the design?

McColl's Brewery were founded on a firm belief of Art and Science in equal measures. Every conversation around the dinner table or in the pub ebbs and flows from woolly idealism, creative stupidity and clinical stubbornness, where logical positivism and post modernism get drunk - this is what we ultimately aim to portray. Gemma McColl, hands on artist and all-round creative brings the Art and has bent Danny to appreciate so much more in life. While Danny likes things in rows, tidy and explained, cheers mother. Together we are heavily influenced by 20th century print media, often minimalist, geometric and always vibrant, clear and printed (think Saul Bass, Shigeo Fukuda, Paul Rand and John Van Hamersveld).
And the beers....

McColl's four core beers are heavily influenced by those we have enjoyed time and again, over the years. They are designed with integrity for everyone to enjoy. Inherently these are sessionable and balanced. This is something we have always strived for, be it in Lady Marmalade or a bloody 7.0% Beetroot Biere de Garde. Ultimately, we want you to fancy another one when you’re finished, not just give you that hit and leave you feeling full or maxed out. Core beers, experimental, seasonal or collaborations – the aim is to enjoy it – and that’s everyone, not just a niche few.

Keep your eyes peeled throughout the year as our core beers will be complemented by some great seasonal specials (Beetroot might feature) and collaborations with breweries all over the country.

SUMA - IPA - 5.0%
We have been schooled by most brewers we have met in the past two years; Suma is the product of these schoolings. A big and bold hazy modern IPA. Juicy sweet malt helps balance big bitterness, pine and hop aromas of mango, citrus and grapefruit.

Our love of Belgian ales is born out of holidays in Northern France and their ancestral Scottish qualities (the perfect marriage). Petite is a crisp, easier going interpretation with a simple malt base, mild fruity esters from the Belgian yeast and delicate citrus and grapefruit aromas from Chinook and Celiea hops.

Ultimately the style of beer that got us in to this mess, back in the early 2000's. A pub beer, a session beer that makes you feel comfortable and warm inside. A classic, sweet, full bodied beer. Caramel flavours dominate with light touches of spicy rye, deep citrus hop flavours and aromas, and a long-lasting bitterness.

A more recent hankering for porters has found us jump in with both feet and commit this to our core range. But very much a blend of contemporary and traditional recipes. A robust yet refreshingly smooth ale. Complexity from the malt offers coffee, caramel and chocolate, married with light coconut and citrus hop notes and a medium dry finish.

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