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Mayday project

MAYDAY. 26.04.24 - A national collaboration to help raise awareness of Men’s Mental Health.


The Mayday project is here to help raise awareness of men's mental health, to reduce the stigma surrounding it, we want to get people talking, to help them find effective ways to tackle their issues and we want to raise as much money as possible for three great charities who all actively tackle men's mental health every day of the week.

The three charities involved were chosen for their super practical, proactive and genuinely effective means of getting men to tackle the issues they face, often feelings of isolation, loneliness, guilt or a loss of pride and community.

They are Men's Pie Club from Newcastle who really effectively combat social isolation and a lack of belonging in men, and the associated mental health issues. They do this in a brilliantly simple way by providing a time and a space (and all the equipment) to make pies, maybe have a cuppa and a natter as well.

Second up is ManUp? from Ipswich who are on a mission to challenge the adapted term 'Man up' - don't just brush yourself down and get on with it! Beyond that they want to abolish the stigma surrounding men's mental health and have a great number of resources to achieve this.

And finally we have the brilliant, Bristol based, Grieving Pint who provide regular and accessible sessions for young men to speak about their mental health, over a pint, actively promoting collective and responsible drinking.

This project and men's mental health is something extremely close to our heart, that is all of us at McColl's Brewery and the other six breweries involved who have helped us bring this to life. They are Abbeydale Brewery (Sheffield), Anspach & Hobday (London), Attic Brew Co. (Birmingham), Brew York (York), Roosters Brewing Co. (Harrogate) and Moor Beer (Bristol).

We also owe a massive thank you to everyone at BarthHaasX - they are one of the industries leading suppliers of hop products - and without them this project would not have been possible. They have donated all the hops for all six beers (hence a lot of hoppy beers, haha) but have also helped us logistically manage the project and document it through out. With their amazing support we aim to raise at least £6000. Cheers.

The Mayday project will launch across the country on Friday 26th April in both keg and can. Twenty-five venues will be pouring all six beers simultaneously, while cans will be available in 6-packs (1 of each beer) from our webshop.

15p from every pint or can is donated to the three Mayday charities

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