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Let's eat pies..... the future

It’s fair to say we’ve been blown away by the response and support ‘Let’s eat pies and talk about men’s mental health’ has received. The beer collaboration with Men’s Pie Club was meant to be a one-off project but the work they do is so important, along with the amazing response to the beer since launching last December has meant that we are committing to support MPC for the long term.

Men’s Pie Club of Sandyford in Newcastle, who work tirelessly in tackling social isolation and feelings of belongingness amongst men, constantly need ongoing support to continue their work. As the devastating effects of the pandemic continue and the conversation surrounding loneliness and men’s mental health has sadly become even more prevalent, we feel that its massively important to continue the project, raising awareness and money for MPC.

If you’re familiar with the beer you’ll be aware it was originally only available in 440ml can and that a massive £1 from every can was donated to MPC, raising £2500 for them to continue their great work. You may also have seen the beer is now available in cask with 10p from every pint being donated to MPC. With this we aim to highlight how important the role of pubs play within the community, helping to start conversations around loneliness, belonging and mental health and getting MPC to a wider audience.

Once we’d committed to MPC for the long term it quickly became apparent that a £1 donation (approx. 25% of the cost) was unsustainable in the long term. The initial project was made possible by the amazing support we received from our suppliers to lower the cost of the initial can, and as much as we’d love to continue donating such a generous amount, we simply can’t expect our suppliers to continually ‘subsidise’ the materials and ingredients at cost price, or even for free in certain instances.

So, in the coming weeks and months you will start to see ‘10p from every can is donated to Men’s Pie Club’ on cans, this is not a misprint. This also brings it in line with the ‘10p per pint’ on the cask version so not to detract from that offering whilst making a long-term commitment to supporting Men’s Pie Club. We are really proud to be shouting about Men’s Pie Club, and we wont stop.

Want to get involved?

We are holding an initial meeting at the brewery on Tuesday July 13th at 1-3pm to let people know our plans.

If you are confident and chatty, like making pies and can spare approx 3 hours a month we'd love you to join us and find out more about our plans.

If you're interested please drop us an email at

Let's eat pies and talk about men's mental health.



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